This is my last project of College. 
I've decided to base it on a novel that means a lot to me, "The Bridge" by Iain M. Banks.
I will design an environment which would be used in a short film based on the book, ill focus on creating a highly stylistic environment and focus on creating high quality textures.
I've begun this project by collecting research of different types of Scottish architecture such as Mackintosh, neoclassic and brutalist. I've also considered the work of Zaha Hadid.
This stage was about generating the ideas that i can develop and narrow to the point where i will have a definite design.
I have now finished my final design solution for the project. This was after developing visual themes and ideas, choosing my ideas that worked and consolidating these ideas into a final design.
After importing scans of my final solution I've 3d Modeled the design and textured it using images i collected around Dundee and the Forth Rail Bridge.
To achieve the lighting i rendered two layers, a textured layer and an ambient occlusion layer. Then overlay-ed them.

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